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Publications and Presentations

"I explore the idea that a … scholarly perspective … that neither negates nor endorses any individual’s particular truth claims but instead generates third positions, has the possibility of accessing, performing, and/or even, at its most extreme, producing a secondhand mystical moment of 'Aha!’” 

(excerpt from my doctoral dissertation, Metamodern Mysticisms: Narrative Encounters with Contemporary Western Secular Spiritualities)

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

"The Metamodern Bend: Theorizations for Religious Studies and a Review of Metamodernism: Historicity, Affect, and Depth After Postmodernism" Religious Studies Review, volume 48, no. 4, December, 2022


“Descent from the Peak: Mystical Navigations of Paradox and Trauma on the Down-Climb,” The Journal of Culture and Religion, December 2021


"Encoded Ambiguities, Embodied Ontologies: The Transformative Speech of Transgressive Female Figures in Gnosticism and Tantra,” La Rosa di Paracelso, Issue 1, 2017

Invited Book Chapters

“The Right to a Narrative: Metamodernism, Paranormal Horror and Agency in The Cabin in the Woods,” The Paranormal and Popular Culture: A Postmodern Religious Landscape, Routledge Press, 2019


“The Big Bad and the Big Aha! Metamodern Monsters as Transformational Figures of Instability,” Holy Monsters, Sacred Grotesques: Monstrosity and Religion in Europe and the U.S., Lexington Books, 2018


“Toward a Metamodern Reading of Spiritual but Not Religious Mysticisms,” Being Spiritual but Not Religious: Past, Present, Future(s), Routledge Press, 2018

Select Conference Papers

 “An Overview of the Academic Research on Metamodernism” roundtable panel, Comparative Studies in Religion Unit, AAR Annual Meeting, November 2021

“Descent from the Peak: Mystical Navigations of Paradox and Trauma on the Down-Climb,” Contemplative Studies Unit, AAR Annual Meeting, November 2019


“The Big Bad and the Big AHA: Metamodern Monsters as Transformational Figures of Instability,” exploratory session, Monsters, Monster Theory, and Religion, AAR Annual Meeting, November 2017


“Russell Brand’s Dialectic of Comedy, Spirituality and Political Activism as Metamodern Soteriology,” New Religions Group, AAR Annual Meeting, November 2016


“Contemporary Narratives of the SBNR and Nones: Toward a Metamodern Reading of Millennial Mysticisms,” Mysticism Group, AAR Annual Meeting, November 2015


“Her Transformative Ambiguity: Speech as Gnosis in the Transgressive Female Figure in Gnosticism and Tantra,” Center for Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality 20th Anniversary Colloquium, November 2012


“Inner Experience, Community, and Bataille’s Dialectic of Undoing,” Pacific Northwest American Academy of Religions Annual Meeting, May 2012


“Surrender as a Creative Performativity: The Psychophysicality of Prostration Practices,” Southwest Commission on Religious Studies Annual Meeting, March 2012

Reviews and Mentions

Review of my published pieces on Metamodernism: "Performatism, Metamodernism, and Spiritual Trends in Popular Culture,” Article by Raoul Eshelman

“I found [these] articles to be subtly argued, empirically well founded, and thoroughly convincing in their treatment of spirituality and monstrosity in popular culture. “

"Ceriello and [co-author] Dember's work is an important step on the way to achieving ...  historical understanding of how culture is developing after postmodernism, and it undertakes a necessary and urgently needed correction of metamodernism's shaky methodology.”  

Mention of What is Metamodernism as #7 in Tiago’s Top 20 Favorite Reads of 2020, a list of the author's 20 best online articles and blog posts from 2020

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